Company Overview

AnywhereCommerce is a global mCommerce technology provider and industry innovator offering a suite of hardware, software and gateway solutions that deliver an end-to-end mobile payments experience supporting transactions initiated via mag-stripe, EMV chip and signature, and EMV chip and PIN. The solutions are backed by our aCommerce Management Platform, a robust cloud-based transaction and reporting engine.

In 2009, AnywhereCommerce discovered an innovative process that allows merchants to process debit and credit transactions over their mobile phones. Our invention focused on the ability to connect hardware to a phone/tablet via the audio-jack in order to complete a payment transaction. The company has received numerous patents including the de facto audio-jack patents.

Today, AnywhereCommerce enables smartphones and tablets to operate as a secure point-of-sale terminal, in mobile or fixed retail environments. With a focus on reliability, security and cost-efficiency, our innovative mCommerce ecosystem has enabled AnywhereCommerce to build a sterling reputation with providers and businesses around the world.

Our mobile payment solutions are ideal for traditional field service businesses such as artisans, food truck operators, repairmen, and delivery or taxi services. Our retail payment solutions leverage unique POS platforms and CorePay, an easy-to-use SDK, to allow developers to integrate secure EMV-certified payments functionality into tablet-based POS systems.

The solutions are elegantly designed for devices running iOS, Android, or Windows. Our PCI and EMVCo certified ecosystem provides optimal security, reliability, convenience and return on investment for merchants, networks, issuers, processors and acquirers.